Karen is a Nationally Certified Professional in Mediation, a State Appointed Mediator for the State of Colorado, a Collaborative Divorce Neutral, a NonViolent Communication Coach, a Restorative Justice Consultant and Facilitator, and a licensed educator. She lives in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA and works with clients both locally and around the world.

Karen has developed the skill to “stay near the fire”, supporting her clients as they work through the conflict that is disrupting their lives. Karen’s calm nature lends itself to helping create a safe environment where her clients know they are supported and respected and where, in the end, dignity and resolution is theirs.

Karen has been involved with mediation since 2008. She has extensive experience working with parents and families, including mediating Family Law Cases.  Through mediation Karen helps her clients navigate and come to agreement on issues related to restructuring “family” as the divorce process unfolds. Karen assists with Parenting Plans, Custody and Visitation, Property Division, and Financial Issues.  It is with great respect for the parents, that Karen offers her mediation service to support them in making decisions that hold the well-being of their children as a priority.

Karen encourages couples to consider engaging in communication skills building before conflict becomes entrenched.  By learning the skills of NonViolent Communication, couples can grow a deeper understanding of each other and a way to navigate difficult times.

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