If we spend any time with other people we will, eventually, run into some form of conflict. It is inevitable.  And, it is usually uncomfortable.  Yet, it is by staying the course with the other person that a deep level of connection can result.  A connection that feeds care, concern, and mutual well-being.  When we know that conflict is a natural part of being human, we stop the struggle against it and take up the richness found there.  I invite you to journey into the experience of conflict and connection.   K.B.

“We expect it to be messy at times.  Because  conversation is the natural way that humans think together, it is, like life, messy.  Life doesn’t move in straight lines and neither does good conversation….Just sit with the messiness.  Each person’s contribution adds a different element or spice to the whole.  If we connect these too early, we lose the variety we need.  If we look for superficial commonalities, we never discover the collective wisdom found only in the depths.  We have to be willing to listen, curious about the diversity of experiences and ideas.”  Turning to One Another