This last week I took time away from posting anything.  It was a time for self-connecting and nourishment.  And, yet there has been this little voice inside that kept reminding me that I need to be “all of that” and “busy” in order to do what I have set out to do as the owner of Steadfast Communication.

This voice says I must be perfect in my life in order to step out into the world as the owner of Steadfast Communication because I am offering to others the gift of effective communication.

And then I remember something very important – something I knew to be true as I was raising my children. And that is, to be a person who offers any gift of learning to others means to be able to show up fully human, to show the side that feels weak and unsure. My work is not to offer a nirvana state that you and I can achieve and maintain. My work is to offer skills that help each of us stay on a path that is of our making where we can find peace – even in the turbulence.

Today I found myself in just that place of turbulence and I paused. I took time to do what I know fills me when I seem to be on empty….I sat down to my bench and made a ring, I volunteered at the elementary school with a student who fills my heart with compassion and purpose – and gives me reason to smile, I reached out to my own teacher who held me with empathy and offered a process to hold tenderly the part of me who so wants to contribute to a world where people thrive in their own uniqueness and also provides me with financial security, I cherished the man who was brave enough to marry me :), and I am writing this.

In slowing down and nourishing myself, I find myself.  It is then that I can feel the support of each person who touches my life in one way or another.

So, I am ready to jump back in and I welcome the world in my own world!