The image of students streaming out of their school because the inside was a dangerous place to be is now becoming all too familiar to us.  Each time we meet it with disbelief, fear, and confusion.  What can we do about it?

After five years of studying NonViolent Communication, I have come to the understanding that if we, as a society, are to make a change it must begin with the way we communicate.

What is clear, when a young person has hit the point where the best idea available is to rage into a school yelling for a particular teacher and shooting a peer in the head, before turning the fire at himself means there has been no way out, no venting of the pain driving the anger and the actions.  The very actions we are then left to see on the television.

NonViolent Communication is a model that gets us to the root of understanding our-self and others.  We have a way to deal with pain as it presents itself.  In so doing, there is no build up that results in explosion of action.  NonViolent Communication is a model that offers skills for us to meet conflict and pain with the certain knowing that we will grow through the experience.  We enter into it, work through it, and find its end with respect and integrity.  NonViolent Communication balances the idea that we are all unique and that we all have commonalities.

After teaching for 20 years and with the knowing that NVC is something the world needs, I began my own business, Steadfast Communication.  The purpose of my business is to help people harness the power of their language and live the life they choose.  I help people understand what is driving their actions by teaching this model of communication.  With enough practice and skill building, NonViolent Communication becomes an integral part of who they are; impacting how they speak and hear.

I am posting this letter because I am certain schools are in one of the key positions to create substantial and sustained change.  The schools are comprised of the students, the teachers, the parents, and community members.  I can envision the seed that would sprout and the impact that would result from bringing NVC into the schools and I would like to do exactly that – bring Non Violent training to the schools.

I am certain this training is a powerful way to address many of the critical issues facing schools.  I’d like to meet with you and discuss how this training can be tailored to each group within the schools:  administrative, teachers, students, classified staff, and families.

With this letter I hold a vision of meeting the pain and powerlessness our children experience with active endeavor to become role models and caretakers for those who we have borne into this world.

My request is that if you are in an administrative role in education and are interested in bringing NVC to your school or school district, please contact me for a complimentary discovery session.  Let’s get the ball rolling!