Speaking is one of the most powerful tools on the planet.  Yet none of us actually remembers the day we spoke our first word.  On the average day a woman will speak approximately 20,000 words and a man approximately 7,000 (quite a difference!).  Think about that.  How many of those words are spoken with intention?  How many hold ideas?  How many hold encouragement?  How many are whispered?  Yelled?  How many of those words were to a stranger?  To a family member?

No matter how you unfold this, there is a whole lot of talking going on around the world.  3.5 billion women speaking 20,000 words!  3.5 men speaking 7,000 words!  Mind boggling!

And what boggles my mind even more is that all of these people speaking all of these words learned to speak…where?  Really by the adults that were around them as they were growing up.

I have come to understand that the use of words is far too important to leave up to “good enough”.  That the communication skills we were left with as we entered our adult lives is just a beginning of a far richer, satisfying way to use our words to create the life we long to live.

It is from this understanding that I now spend the bulk of my days working with people to help them gain mastery of the skills of communication that lead them to have the life they want, the relationships they want, the ability to deal with difficulty in a nurturing way.

With all of the words spoken every day all around this planet, we have a tremendous opportunity to use them for the enrichment of life.  We have the ability to hold each and every person with respect – even when we do not agree with them or their point of view.  Our words are the tool to gain us a better world.

I invite you and you and you and you….all people to “speak your peace”.

~ KB