“Consider:  How many hours of the workplace Imageare spent in meetings?  How many decisions are made in that time?  How many of these decisions are ones the entire team understands and agrees to with a firm “yes”?
Consider: Typically, 30 – 50 % of what is said at workplace/organization meetings goes unheard or is off the topic that was originally laid on the table for discussion.
It all can lead to a lot of time spent with frustration growing and trust diminishing.
By investing in the skillful use of value based communication, meetings become highly effective, leading to decisions that are solid, understood, and supported.  Organizations are able to rest on a foundation that holds what is essential for the people who comprise the organization and for the organization itself to thrive.
When the needs of the individuals (purpose, contribution, creativity, autonomy, etc) and the needs of the organization (identity, purpose, direction, structure, resources, expression) are kept in focus, the efficient use of time and resources increases, the quality of relationships improve, trust becomes a natural essence, and dialogue stems from support and curiosity.  Decisions and actions that result are in line with what is important.
Conflict is seen as opportunity to deepen understanding between individuals and increase the powerful nature of the organization.  In this environment, respect, integrity, and responsibility thrive.
In working with organizations, by holding focus on values based communication, the above qualities will be the outcome of the shared experience in the workplace.