Facebook shy … perhaps a new phenomenon. It was a challenge to be shy in person. Now, shy in a social media fashion?! Or, perhaps it is easier to disguise behind the screen of a computer, sharing only that which I choose you to see. Keeping back that which I do no want you to see. Aware of the freedom each one of you has to comment, positive or negative, to what I post.
I love who I love and sometimes Facebook spotlights our differences and my words may distance when they only mean to state what I value. It keeps me from posting. I go Facebook mute. I keep quiet. Because, in the end, I value how we are different. I value diversity. Enough to love … love even when we see different sides of the same issue.
Balance. Without the possibility, or fact, that opposite sides are both real, the world would literally collapse. The north pole balances the south pole. And so, for me, The Facebook shy and sometimes Facebook mute, I offer that I do hold my values and my opinions, and more than that, what I value more is connection that is real and strong. I value you. Yes, you.