Can we find the daily, hourly beauty that fills our lives in spite of the loud horn that pollutes the air with all that we each find disagreeable? Can we, while fighting the good fight, keep the lightness of all that graces our life with joy? Even in the mist of a world that ask us to choose sides and choose allegiance, can we rise above the clutter to see what unites us as a human race? Black, white, red, yellow, gay, straight, old, young, Christian or Muslim, male or female, Republican or Democrat, Trump or not? Can we reach beyond what the media tells us to be and know at the core, we all breathe and love and strive for our families and eventually die?

Tonight and tomorrow night and the next and next and next, can we each find at least three things of beauty in our days to bring to the forefront of our awareness so that tomorrow we when we wake up, we have the awareness to find more beauty than harm in this new day?

I know it exist because today I heard a child laugh and I saw a flower in bloom and I hugged my children and I talked with my husband and I saw the sky.  It is not in ignorance of the pain that I choose to focus on the beauty of life; it is because I believe that at the root of it all, life is, indeed, beautiful.