How Much Time Can Be Lost

“Consider:  How many hours of the workplace are spent in meetings?  How many decisions are made in that time?  How many of these decisions are ones the entire team understands and agrees to with a firm “yes”? Consider: Typically, 30 – 50 % of what is said at workplace/organization meetings goes unheard or is off… Read More

When The Inside Of School Is Too Dangerous

The image of students streaming out of their school because the inside was a dangerous place to be is now becoming all too familiar to us.  Each time we meet it with disbelief, fear, and confusion.  What can we do about it? After five years of studying NonViolent Communication, I have come to the understanding… Read More

Collaborative Divorce Process

This is a post that tugs at my heart strings.  Mostly because I have been through divorce and intimately understand the pain that both leads up to the decision and the pain of moving through with it.  This personal experience is one that led me to wanting a deeper understanding of how two people can… Read More

Make Effective Communication Second Nature

Communication.  It is the most powerful tool we have.  It is the least utilized and understood tool we have.  Communication has the power to draw us towards each other or tear us apart.  Without effective communication, many relationships end in great pain or limp along, not satisfying the very people who are in it.  I,… Read More