The Beauty of Each Day

Can we find the daily, hourly beauty that fills our lives in spite of the loud horn that pollutes the air with all that we each find disagreeable? Can we, while fighting the good fight, keep the lightness of all that graces our life with joy? Even in the mist of a world that ask… Read More

Facebook Shy, Facebook Mute

Facebook shy … perhaps a new phenomenon. It was a challenge to be shy in person. Now, shy in a social media fashion?! Or, perhaps it is easier to disguise behind the screen of a computer, sharing only that which I choose you to see. Keeping back that which I do no want you to… Read More

How Much Time Can Be Lost

“Consider:  How many hours of the workplace are spent in meetings?  How many decisions are made in that time?  How many of these decisions are ones the entire team understands and agrees to with a firm “yes”? Consider: Typically, 30 – 50 % of what is said at workplace/organization meetings goes unheard or is off… Read More

When The Inside Of School Is Too Dangerous

The image of students streaming out of their school because the inside was a dangerous place to be is now becoming all too familiar to us.  Each time we meet it with disbelief, fear, and confusion.  What can we do about it? After five years of studying NonViolent Communication, I have come to the understanding… Read More

Time Out

This last week I took time away from posting anything.  It was a time for self-connecting and nourishment.  And, yet there has been this little voice inside that kept reminding me that I need to be “all of that” and “busy” in order to do what I have set out to do as the owner… Read More

Collaborative Divorce Process

This is a post that tugs at my heart strings.  Mostly because I have been through divorce and intimately understand the pain that both leads up to the decision and the pain of moving through with it.  This personal experience is one that led me to wanting a deeper understanding of how two people can… Read More