Unique Capability
“Karen has the unique capability to both really listen to her client’s intellectual AND emotional issues and then skillfully help them to move steadily in the direction most meaningful to them whether it be conflict resolution, clearer communication or positive life goals. In my 40 + years as a career coach and counselor, I have rarely encountered a professional with Karen’s natural gifts for coaching and genuine passion for helping people succeed and thrive!”
~ SheliaSteiner
Former,Vice President, Business Development, World Trade Center Utah

Patient, Honoring
“I want to thank you for such a positive and smooth year for my son. Right from the start I felt you took him under your wing, giving him such attention, care, and compassion. I’ve always felt that you had a sweet spot just for him.
“Now I’ve seen and heard similar care and love given to all your students (past and present) that I’m even more convinced you are a “once-in-a-lifetime” teacher.
“You’ve been a gift to my son and to our entire family. Listening to you speak with and about children has taught me so much about patience and about honoring the whole child.”
~ Andre Chacos

Accessible and Effective
“Karen has a warm and calming presence with a subtle, confident strength. Her genuine personality makes her accessible and effective as a coordinator or facilitator for many types of forums.”
~ Lisa Dancing-Light

Cares Deeply
“Karen is one of those special people who don’t often walk into your life. She cares deeply about others. She has often surprised me with her patience and ability to lead in a situation where others can become frustrated and see no hope.
“I see Karen as a natural leader, mediator, and guide for anyone or any situation that is difficult.”
~ Penny McDill

Incredibly Valuable and Useful
“How beautifully Karen’s work has befriended me as the learning offered settles in to me.     “What was once a constant constriction of overwhelm has now taken on a sweetness and a curiosity about how that is connected to my need for “celebration of life”. I am left with thoughts and ideas about this overwhelm and the celebration, both swimming around me, bringing me closer and closer to clarity and I am loving it.                                                     “With Karen’s help to re-language how I am experiencing my overwhelm, I am finding a sense of calm from which I can make decisions about how to use my time.                       “What Karen does is incredibly valuable and I am finding it very useful. I am proud to endorse Karen and her powerful work.”
~ Peggy Neal French

The Power Of Choice & Responsibility
“The conversations we had regarding the power of choice and responsibility were very potent for me and helped solidify concepts and feelings I’ve always struggled with a bit. It was so helpful to experience that and see it in action.

“Thank you, Karen, for bringing and sharing your skills in compassionate communication. I really didn’t have any idea what compassionate communication was before and it was powerful to see and be a part of.”
~ Mindy Gottsegen

“I want to say how much I appreciate your beautiful use of language, definitely your unique voice!, and clarity in your invitation and brochures. I experience your language as personal, not generic, clear in description of difficulties experienced and the alternatives possibilities through NVC.”
~ Ann Gibson

Authentic, Enthusiastic, Talented
“I have yet to find another individual as full of personal depth and sincerity as Karen. She has infected and enlightened those of us around her with her enthusiasm. We, too, have learned and benefitted from her study and knowledge and work.

“Her passion for this discipline is grounded in her own life experience and person. In my estimation, there can be no greater authenticity.

“Karen is an exceptionally talented person in many ways, namely, her intelligence, her creativity, her sincerity, and her capacity for hard work and thorough involvement in whatever project she takes on. Her gifts of perception and articulate speech around human dynamics are off the charts.”
~ Janet Holmgren

Planning Our Wedding
“We keep using the great work that you gave us …the knowledge that it is available to us, and that there is something to do beside argue has made a huge difference in our relationship. We are planning our wedding in June and so are unbelievably busy at the moment.

“We often mention how much you have helped us, so thank you again!”
~ Gail Jensen

Deep Gratitude
“I feel nothing but deep gratitude for you and your teaching. It deeply impacted me; left me feeling more grounded and hopeful. Thank you for sharing your self and your stories.”
~ Barb Eastman
Grateful, Inspired, Eager
“I just want to share with you how full, grateful, inspired and eager I am feeling following your wonderful training. It was everything and more than I had expectations for. and I am celebrating the beginning of a compassionate communication community.”
~ Cindy Bur

“I really enjoyed your approach of modeling the choice around what we say ‘yes’ to. It was a rich experience. I also enjoyed the choices that you made throughout the call that kept things flowing. And the way that you contributed your own self to the call with the Meg Wheatly reference, the Adyashanti quote, and your suggestions”.
~ Angela Walkley

“Thanks for the conversation today. As expected, I am thrilled to be working with you!”
Skye Skinner
Former Executive Director
COMPASS (Aspen Community School)

Exquisite Skill And Grace

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Karen Barbee at Steadfast Communications.  She brings Compassionate Communication to life in a practical and playful way. Karen brings exquisite  skill and grace into her teaching. 

“With Karen’s guidance I was able to discover the values I was holding in making a very important decision and take action based on my discovery.

“Particularly helpful to me personally were the exercises which facilitated a deeper knowing of ones self.  As a proponent of self-understanding, I highly recommend Karen’s helpful assistance.”

~ Annie McIntosh

MA LLCLicensed Professional CounselorCertified Hakomi Therapist